Report Computer Security Incident

LynxCERT Incident Reporting System

LynxCERT incident reporting system provides a means to report a computer security incident to Lynx Information Security CERT. The system provides the reported incident details to the security analysts to analyze the incident and formulate a strategy for timely handling of the incident. If you encounter any computer security incident that you would like to get analyzed, you may report to us by filling out the following form. Please provide a detailed description of the incident to help us understand your incident well. Our security experts can help you in conducting a detailed analysis of the cyber attack.

Privacy Act Statement

Purpose: The key purpose of collecting this information is to allow us to analyze your incident and respond to your request.
Information Usage: Information collected shall be kept private and shall be used only by the LynxCERT's team as necessary.
Disclosure: Failure to provide the complete information will cause delays in processing your request or may not allow the team to contact you back.